New Year with OWK

Дорогие наши друзья!

Наши любимые маленькие зрители, а так же их родители!

Наш театральный коллектив – OWK приносит вам свои извинения за отмену новогоднего представления в Сербском Центре!

Мы верим, что в следующем 2021 году мы снова встретимся и вместе весело проведём наш новогодний праздник!

Сюрприз от Дедушки Мороза!

Будте здоровы!

До встречи в новом году!

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For any questions or concerns, check out our FAQ page, email us at or message us on Facebook.

We are infinitely grateful to:

    • Our sponsors – City of Burnaby, Elena Tungusova, Victor Moiseev, Oleg Tsarev, Vladimir Klimov, who provide financial support to this project

    • The never-changing and truly professional producer of the show Igor Morozov as well as to our talented creative and friendly team of actors and volunteers

    • Our loyal partners – Svetlana and Grigoriy Haskin, Father Michael and Mother Elena of Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Sobor, Elena Laktionova, Olesia Aleksandrova, Sergey and Anna Maranjan

    • Irina Dmitrieva and Elena Tungusova for decorating and making our Christmas tree and the venue look wonderful

  • Our dear and amazing volunteers, who bring the holiday spirit to the whole process!

Yours truly,

Board of Directors at Open World for Kids Foundation

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Our Mission is to keep and preserve cultural, historical and national heritage. To educate and maintain cultural and artistic traditions. To continue our acting performances, add other kind of arts and recognize talented kids.
It is our Vision to create a strong cultural organization with the ability to organize and conduct events, performances and concerts mostly for kids. To help low income families to educate their children using appropriate grants and donations from our foundation.
The Purpose of this foundation is to gather a group of enthusiastic people, who can devote their time and knowledge for the better future endorsements.

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