About Us

Our Story:

The story of OWK began over a decade ago, when a group of enthusiastic and talented professionals got together in an effort to preserve the tradition of having a classic “Elka” show be a part of every Russian-speaking family’s winter festivities. In 2012, a few of dedicated organizers along with many new volunteers had formed a non-profit society known today as the Open World for Kids Foundation. Throughout the years, we have hosted thousands of fans, accommodated underprivileged families with hundreds of free or discounted tickets, and brought countless number of smiles to children whose families came from all over the world. Today, we are proud to have a wonderful board of directors and a team of amazing volunteers that have built a foundation of trust, integrity and understanding. It is upon this foundation that we look forward to continuing to deliver quality performances, to make children of all backgrounds laugh and play, and to unite Russian-speaking families and communities together. 

What We Do:


  • Support and Development of Talents and Artistic abilities in children
  • Fundraising Events
  • Community Events


What Our Fans Say:


  • I really liked the plot and how the characters played their roles. Usually my favourite part about these shows are their story and how it involves the kids in games and ‘secrets’.
  • The interactions with the audience and the actors/characters.
  • Everything.
  • like it all
  • my daughter liked dancing
  • Costumes, performance

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